4.19.09 Its Not EveryDay Ya Wake Up…

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So midway through our shoot this sunday, this thought randomly goes through my head. “You know its not everyday ya wake do your thing and find yourself shooting models and zombies!” & so went this Sunday.  We whipped out some Seamless White Background Technique (Kudos To Zack Arias) and got some rather good stuff outta the work.

We used a 3 bee setup w/the main light being a Kacey Beauty Dish For the record, Love the dish. The Kacey Beauty Dish can mount  with an alienbee or  a 580ex also! I used the new 5d Mark II for this shoot w/24-70L lens, plus the new TTL pocketwizards. I can see that the KBD is going to be great with the new pw also b/c of the design of the bracket there is space between your flashead and the tt5 transciever. Which is a major plus b/c of the known rfi issues.

The wonderful Jamie Ratcliffe worked on hair & makeup for the girls , & Horror MUA, Bull showed off some sick zombie work on our happy couple. Scott Hansen opened up some floor space for us to get the shoot going.

Muchas, Muchas thanks to everybody for putting in on this. I’m looking foward to the next session.




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