Whitley Family Session

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The Whitley’s are dear friends of ours. We have known Billy for a few years now, and he was Danny’s best man at our wedding. His lovely bride Sheila is the best shopping buddy! Their daughters, Isabella and Esther are so precious. Isabella has her Uncle Danny wrapped around that little finger haha. This session was so much fun, those little girls were best models!

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Westby-Gibson Family Session

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We had the absolute pleasure of taking pictures of the Westby-Gibsons! JC & Lyndsay are such a fun couple and Quin is so adorable!! They have a beautiful home and we were able to capture some really stuff.

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Liam Shelburne @ 4 months

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I have alot of blogging to catch up on. Things have been crazy busy (a good crazy!!) that I have neglected to post, my apologies! This little guy is Liam. He was such a cutie-pie I just wanted to eat him up! He was perfect for the whole session. Here he is showing off his LSU pride! The third picture I just simply love. I got that tie from The Belle and The Beau They have the cutest stuff and it worked out perfect for this session. I’m thinking of getting one of their bow ties too. I think Liam looks pretty snazzy in this tie!

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It’s that time of year!

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I cannot believe that Christmas is just around the corner! One of our favorite babies, Gisella came back to the studio to get some christmas pictures taken. She is now 4 months old and its hard to believe how much time has gone by already! It seems like yesterday we just did her newborn pictures. We had a fun time with her and mom brought some awesome props!

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Leala Randolph @ 5 Months

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We had the pleasure of photographing Leala Randolph. She was such a great model! She was all smiles during the whole shoot! Dad is a huge Captials fan and we got some cute shots of her in his jersey. It was fun watching him freak out when Leala started drooling on the jersey! haha!

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Pediatric Specialists Shoots

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The shoots for the Pediatric Specialists office have been going great! We’re not done yet but here’s a few of the kiddo’s that we have done so far.



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Ethan Whitlow @ 4 Months

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We had so much fun with Baby Ethan Whitlow! He was such a joy to shoot. He made the session very easy and we were able to get some great stuff. Can’t wait to get this little guy back in the studio :)

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Enjoying my new position

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For those that don’t know, I am now a full time mom & full time self employee. It’s been about 3 months since I’ve started working from home and I love it. At first I was a little nervous, just the unknown of it all…from the moment I was 16 years old I always had a job and always had a paycheck come in. Not to say that being a full time mom or being self-employed isn’t a job but you know what I mean. The “security” of someone else paying me. Now I have to pay me! I’m very thankful that my husband has a good job and that I’m able to stay home and I can’t wait for the day when we both can be home doing this!

The transition has been smooth and I’m starting to develop a routine. My son seems to enjoy being home with me! He’s 19 months old and growing smarter and smarter every day. I’m going to start practicing on him in the studio, might as well put him to work too! I’ll start posting those sessions when I start. Gotta get back to cleaning the studio for the shoots tomorrow!

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Baby Shoots This Weekend!

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We have a busy weekend ahead of us. We have several baby shoots lined up and we are excited! We are teaming up with Pediatric Specialists in Chesapeake VA to shoot some pictures for them to put up on the walls in their new office building. Ronin goes to this practice and I just love the doctors there. The 2 shoots in the morning are for Pediatrics Specialists and then one shoot in the afternoon is for sweet baby Ethan! Its really neat watching my husband interact with kids on these shoots. He’s so great with them and they love him! The last 12 month shoot we did the little girl wanted nothing to do with me but wanted to play with Danny the whole time. Of course this is the guy that swore up and down that he didn’t like kids and didn’t want any. I knew he was full of it haha! We’ll be sure to post pictures!

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More Gisella!

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We were able to bring back in Gisella for more pictures. Dad plays golf and he brought his gear in for the shoot and we were able to get this shot. Thanks Tony & Crystal for letting us shoot your princess! Can’t wait to get her back in for the Christmas shoot.

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Shaun & Angela Barley – September 18, 2010

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Congratulations to Shaun & Angela Barley! Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your special day! What an amazing couple and we had so much fun with them. Danny & I were able to team up on this wedding, I did the wedding coordination and he did the photography. We also share our wedding anniversary with the Barley’s so we were doing a double celebration! We celebrated our 6 year anniversary. I absolutely love working with the hubby and he did as always amazing work. Here is a sneak peek at our beautiful bride and as more pictures are done I’ll be sure to post more!

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Ben & Lesley Floyd Maternity Session

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We love Ben & Lesley.  They are really good friends of ours and I had a realization the day of their maternity shoot. We have photographed every major event since the beginning of their marriage!  We did their engagement shoot, wedding, 1st maternity shoot, baby shoots with Kingston (their 1st son) and now here we are with baby #2, Mr. Weston Cole.  What a privilege to have previous brides & grooms come back to us to shoot their maternity pictures, then to come back to have us shoot the newborn pictures, and so on and so on.  It’s amazing to watch a family grow.   I can’t wait till Weston is in our studio!

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Gisella Mauro

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Megan Elizabeth Baker

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Elizabeth & Taylor

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These Photos Were Taken By R&K Events Photography. If You would Like To See More Of Our Work & More Information Check Out Our Homepage @ rnkevents.org

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