back to the begining…

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Well, we had a great meeting with a beautiful couple for a March 2008 wedding this last night. We demoed one of our first weddings with Ben & Lesley Floyd. Afterwards, I was feeling a little nostalgic & went back into Ben & Lesley’s E-session to put out a couple new b/w frames. & that led me to going back over all the work we did this year! So keep checking back!

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Christmas only 7 days away…

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7 days & counting till Christmas! Today i started my Christmas shopping, & It was till busy! I knocked out the boss’s stocking stuffer today, & some gifts for the guys back at the MRI sweatshop. Back at home, I worked out some of these frames from our Christmas card shoot from last weekend. Christi Geffer, brought her boys, & their pups out to my favorite site to shoot! We all had a great time, & the boys put out some great frames! We used our 5d w/24-70L & 30d w/70-200L IS accompanied w/our alienbees studio strobe for lighting to capture all our frames.

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Tis The Season….

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With the Season done, we both are working in the studio more. Here are some of Shell showing off in the studio. In house we like to use a 4 light setup. Fill, Key, Hairlight, & our newest edition, a ringflash! Shell had her work cut out for her Tuesday night, with two shoots back to back! All Shots were done with the 5d & 24-70L.

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Floyd Family Christmas Shoot

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After the chilly beach shoot, we met up with Ben & Lesley at Regent University for their family christmas shoot. This couple’s wedding was one our firsts we ever shot and we always have a good time taking their pictures. Since their wedding, they have had two additions to their family, Gracie a shih tzu and Benji, a shih-poo (shih tzu & poodle mix). They looked adorable in their sweaters and behaved quite nicely for the shoot.

Danny used the 5d with the 85 1.2L II and I captured some candids in-between set-ups using the 40d with the short (24-70).

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Finishing up Matt’s senior pictures

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Well we finished up the rest of Matt’s senior pictures. This go around was the the casual shoot. With everyone’s busy summer schedules we couldn’t do these earlier in the year so we had to do the beach shot in November. Congrats to Matt for braving the cold!

All shots were captured with the 5d, accompanied with the 85 1.2L II.

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Greg & Megan Wedding

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This is my first post on here and I’m really excited about it! This is Shelly, the other half of R&K Events :) My hubby does a wonderful job w/these posts so I’m happy that he asked me to do this one.

On November 10th we had the absolute pleasure of shooting Greg and Megan’s wedding. This one was special to us because we have known Megan since our high school days. Megan & Danny used to work at the sweatshop called Arby’s and I would always go up there to score free food!

The ceremony was held at Faith Alive Church in Deep Creek and the reception was held at the Dry Dock Club in Portsmouth. Danny, Hannah and I teamed up for this one. The bride was beautiful and the groom stunning. Danny shot with our new 40d (which he seems love more & more) with the wide (17-55) and long (70-200IS). I had the 5d with the short (24-70), and to date that is my favorite lens! It was a great day and we captured some amazing shots.

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The Snowed Peaks of Washington….

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Well, Me & Shell (The Boss) packed our bags & headed west for a week of R&R in Washington. The flight was long! We flew for about 8 hours total time, but the flight was well worth it. Ian & Q(Shell’s middle sister) , live out here in Washington State. so everybody came together for a couple of days. Its Been great to get-a-away from Virginia. Its alot colder here, but its alot greener also. I am excited to check out the space needle, & buy my latte, that cost a-latte @ the first starbucks ever! Stay tuned, as i will keep posting more shots of our week here.

Monday, Monday…
So Shell & Toni hatched a plan for Q’s birthday present this year. Mac. Not the laptop (which i would have preferred, but) the makeup line. So, the group jumped in the rental, & trekked to Westerfield Mall. This mall was huge! While the ladies/bosses were taking care of Q the men were taking care of gamestop. Ian grabbed Guitar Hero 3 for the 360 (which i hope Mrs. Claus Drops off for me This xmas) I stopped by the ladies to see how everything was going…

Sick on Tuesday, Lazy on Wednesday…
So Tuesday, Shell was not feeling too well. So I had her stay home, rest, & pump up on vitamins. I suspect that its from Seattle’s clean air. I have been feeling a bit off myself, but i have been hitting the gym to sweat it out. Wednesday, Shell was feeling much better, but Toni & joe left today. So, Today we pretty much chillaxed in our sweats & yeah just that… For Halloween Q & Ian carved thier pumpkins that they had picked out from the pumpkin fields, & I was able to grab a couple of just them also. We, waited & waited for trick or treaters to come, but no one came! Apparently here in Seattle, everyone goes to the mall for Trick or Treating! So we followed in suit. Afterwards, 3 episodes of meerkat manor sealed out lazy wednesday night.

Friday last day in Washington, Saturday 8 hours back to Virginia…

Well, our last day in Washington, We checked out the sights! Stopped into Pike Marketplace to checkout the Flying Fish, checkout the swap meets, & yes went into the first starbucks ever! Now, its not much to look at once inside, & there is a newer starbucks 2 blocks down, but it is crazy to imagine that such a large chain started in such a tiny store! Afterwards, we set out for the space needle. From the top Seattle still looks huge, & busy. Originally, the plan was to have dinner from the needle, but Bill Gates & Microsoft had the whole thing on reserve. So Plan b was Ruth’s Chris.

Our flight out was early. 430am early. After 8 hours of flying, 3 hours foward, & 1 hour back for daylight savings we finally made it home. Shell was still a bit jet-lagged/not feeling well, so we have been sitting on the natuzzi since then catching up on our DVR, & finishing up on season 2 of the office…..

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Matt Osborn came in for his senior portraits today. Now, I have known Matt for a long time now, so doing his senior portraits really reminds how old the “boss” is! Now, aside from the weather not working for us today, everything went great. Matt opened up the camera, & put out some great frames. We knocked out the formal shots, & rescheduled the more candid shots for november.

All shots were captured with the 5d, accompanied with the 85 1.2L II & the 70-200L IS. I do love that combo.

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Boarders for Christ (BFC) DEMO

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This last Saturday, I got to shoot the B.oarders F.or C.hrist Demo at my local Church, Harvest Assembly. The student ministry, Relevent Ministries hosted the event. The weather was one of the more remarkable feats of the day. I say this because, the whole entire week there was a forecast of rain & thunderstorms at the time of the demo. Much to my surprise, when i was driving to the demo to see an open sky above the church, & several ominous thunderclouds miles off. But, the clouds just stayed there, & this perfect blue sky opened up for all the shots. This skate team had a great attitude, & were fun to shoot. All of these shots were pulled with our newest addition, the Canon 40d in conjunction w/the 17-55IS & 70-200L IS. I am loving this camera body. You can see more of the shots click here

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Its good to have everyone together…

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You know its good to have your family together when you can. Now that me, Mary, & David are all grown now it is much harder to get together. This Saturday, everyone was able to come to my house. We did what kizzee’s do best chillax & bbq. BBQ is my specialty! Marinated chicken, cosher dogs, & some coronas is all that is needed. Everyone had a great time. Mary brought her son Isaiah. Little Caleb was also with us so we had a full house. In the end, it really was great to kick back, chillax, & spend some much needed time w/family.

Broke out the newest toy this weekend. The 40d. I sold the 20d last week. Im not gonna lie, i am going to miss that camera, the 20d was my first SLR. She was good to me. All images from here are using the 40d & 24-70L.

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I call it Floating Baby…

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Had Jonas & Elle bring Loralei in for a bit to snap a few. We also nabbed Liah for a few, DMV shots! (inside joke) & I Worked w/hannah again, this go around we focused on painting w/light & understanding shadow. All of these shots were pulled with the 5d& 85 1.2L.

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Enter the Miyagi

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Welp me, Shelly, Hannah, & little Mac worked the studio today. Hannah just bought her canon rebel xti a few weeks back, so i’ve been working with her to get her acquainted with her new baby. To little mac, I’m the “grape man” so to get her in the mood i had to constantly bribe her w/my grapes. Hannah did great! The boss stepped in to help us out also.

Hannah worked w/just the canon kit lens for this shoot.

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lisa & shawns wedding coming soon

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finishing our Bride Lisa.. Online Galleries almost done, DVD Story almost complete, Proofbook has been ordered, & I just put the finishing touches on the Biz cards. Wedding Pictures to be posted soon…. But I loved the front of this card so much i had to post it. Now, Shelly aka “The Boss” nabbed this lovely shot. w/the 5d & 70-200L is. It is amazing!

***update, finally got everything in & shipping everything monday. Just got done with some shots.

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Good Times @ Harbor Park….

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So Tuesday, we got some great friends together to watch some baseball. The Tides were playing Durham Bulls. Everyone had a great time there at Harbor Park. The best seats in the house there are on the 1st baseline, you can catch the whole game, and a decent breeze. Well, the tides didn’t win this one, then again I cant recall a game that the Tides have won when we have been there. Alls well, Me & Shell had a great time with everyone.

I brought the 30d w/24-70L with me to snag some more pj views. See more here

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Elle, Jonas, & Loralei

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Well this Friday, we were able to Photograph the Alered’s maternity session! Originally, we planned on shooting at the oceanfront, but in Virginia now, its too humid to think, so we opted for the studio. It was tons of fun!

The funny thing about these maternity sessions for me is the timing. What I mean by the timing, is that with the past two maternity sessions we have scheduled, the baby to be born had other plans. Both times the day of the shoot our moms gave birth! But not this time, Elle was glowing, Jonas looked so proud, & Loralei kicked her way through the shoot.

I used the 5d w/85 1.2L & 24-70L for this session, with our alien-bees studio setup for the lighting. Its been a while since I have broken out all 3 studio lights, w/the wedding season being so busy, so it was great to have full play of the lighting this time around!

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