Shaun & Angela Barley – September 18, 2010

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Congratulations to Shaun & Angela Barley! Thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your special day! What an amazing couple and we had so much fun with them. Danny & I were able to team up on this wedding, I did the wedding coordination and he did the photography. We also share our wedding anniversary with the Barley’s so we were doing a double celebration! We celebrated our 6 year anniversary. I absolutely love working with the hubby and he did as always amazing work. Here is a sneak peek at our beautiful bride and as more pictures are done I’ll be sure to post more!

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2.26.09 Cantu Retirement Ceremony

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10.30.09 Trail Of Terror

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For Halloween eve R&K Events was invited to shoot the Trail of Terror hosted by Autocraft Express. I’ve never been through a haunted house or trail before, & I can say that we were both pretty much freaked out the whole night. Rochelle & I had a fun time meeting the cast and shooting the various scenes. There was even firedancers at the entrance, so shooting them was pretty sweet too. For this setup i shot the whole night manual, pretty much for every scene it was pitch black. which made it all the more interesting. So we used a flashlight to help our focus lock, and used pocketwizards tt5’s to our 430ex2’s & 580ex2. our flashguns were either gridded using saxonpc grids or in a mini photoflex softbox to help diffuse the light to add to the dark mood of the night. Every scene was pretty challenging, between shooting between the groups, shooting in pitch black, & guestimating proper exposures. i really love challenges like this, i HAD A BLAST!

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Syndeys 3rd Birthday 6.06.09

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2008 Christmas Party

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Christmas Party was fun! The Broken Egg Bistro hosted a sweet party for us, The Mrs. Planned the shindig, & yours truly w/josh shot the event! Here are shots from the festivities! Click here to jump to see more of the party! All images are up for dowload. Here is a passaround slideshow to send to family & friends! Send me a shout out on myspace!

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Layla’s Baby Shower

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9.13.08 Jayden’s 4th Birthday Party

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LoraLei 1st Birthday 08.23.08

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Chek Out LoraLeis 1st Birtday After The Jump!

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Boarders for Christ (BFC) DEMO

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This last Saturday, I got to shoot the B.oarders F.or C.hrist Demo at my local Church, Harvest Assembly. The student ministry, Relevent Ministries hosted the event. The weather was one of the more remarkable feats of the day. I say this because, the whole entire week there was a forecast of rain & thunderstorms at the time of the demo. Much to my surprise, when i was driving to the demo to see an open sky above the church, & several ominous thunderclouds miles off. But, the clouds just stayed there, & this perfect blue sky opened up for all the shots. This skate team had a great attitude, & were fun to shoot. All of these shots were pulled with our newest addition, the Canon 40d in conjunction w/the 17-55IS & 70-200L IS. I am loving this camera body. You can see more of the shots click here

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