Website Maintenance

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Our website is under construction so for the time being you will be directed to our blog. We’re sprucing things up and hopefully will be up and running soon. If your not already a fan, check out our Facebook Fan Page!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and have a SAFE & Happy New Year!! :)

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Living Social Deal = AWESOME!!

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Our Living Social campaign went great! Thanks again to our great Facebook Fans/previous clients for helping us spread the word. We look forward to meeting all of those that purchased our package deal. Our October & November dates are starting to fill up so if you would like pictures before the holidays please contact us asap! For those that don’t know we are expecting our second baby (YAY!) November 27th. Our son was born 2 weeks early so just to be safe we won’t be doing any shoots after the weekend of November 12th-13th. We’ll pick back up sometime in December. We’ll keep everyone posted!

A few helpful tips with those with babies/toddlers:
-Consider nap times when scheduling the shoot. We find that they do best right after a nap.
-Make sure baby’s belly is full before the shoot.
-Bring any blankets, clothes, bows/ribbons, toys you would want in the picture.
-If you want some nakey butt shots be prepared with extra diapers and wipes, accidents do happen! (all of our props are washable so don’t worry about that!)
-For toddlers bring their favorite snacks that might keep them happy during the session.
-Babies take great pictures on their bellies, about a week or so before your session try practicing tummy time to get your little one used to being on their tummy.
-Your baby knows and recognizes YOUR voice. So be prepared to work to get those smiles & giggles out of your baby!

A few reminders for those that have the Living Social Deal:
-Your voucher is good for 1 year! So if we don’t get you in this fall consider spring/summer pictures!
-Shipping of your print & cd of images is an additional fee. You can pick it up from our studio if you like :)
-Baby/Kid Session is for one child. Any additional children is $25 per child.
-Family Session is for up to 5 people. Any additional people is $25 per person.

If you have any questions/concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us! We are so excited for all our upcoming sessions!!!

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Enjoying my new position

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For those that don’t know, I am now a full time mom & full time self employee. It’s been about 3 months since I’ve started working from home and I love it. At first I was a little nervous, just the unknown of it all…from the moment I was 16 years old I always had a job and always had a paycheck come in. Not to say that being a full time mom or being self-employed isn’t a job but you know what I mean. The “security” of someone else paying me. Now I have to pay me! I’m very thankful that my husband has a good job and that I’m able to stay home and I can’t wait for the day when we both can be home doing this!

The transition has been smooth and I’m starting to develop a routine. My son seems to enjoy being home with me! He’s 19 months old and growing smarter and smarter every day. I’m going to start practicing on him in the studio, might as well put him to work too! I’ll start posting those sessions when I start. Gotta get back to cleaning the studio for the shoots tomorrow!

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Baby Shoots This Weekend!

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We have a busy weekend ahead of us. We have several baby shoots lined up and we are excited! We are teaming up with Pediatric Specialists in Chesapeake VA to shoot some pictures for them to put up on the walls in their new office building. Ronin goes to this practice and I just love the doctors there. The 2 shoots in the morning are for Pediatrics Specialists and then one shoot in the afternoon is for sweet baby Ethan! Its really neat watching my husband interact with kids on these shoots. He’s so great with them and they love him! The last 12 month shoot we did the little girl wanted nothing to do with me but wanted to play with Danny the whole time. Of course this is the guy that swore up and down that he didn’t like kids and didn’t want any. I knew he was full of it haha! We’ll be sure to post pictures!

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