Busy Busy!

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My have we have been busy this past month! Our October & November dates are starting to fill up so if you would like pictures before the holidays please contact us asap! For those that don’t know we are expecting our second baby (YAY!) November 27th. Our son was born 2 weeks early so just to be safe we won’t be doing any shoots after the weekend of November 12th-13th. Depending on when Miss Selah Kizzee decides to come we might be able to squeeze in some sessions after that weekend. If we can’t we’ll definitely be picking back up sometime in December.

We’ll keep everyone posted! :)

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Vintage Hazel Clothing Shoot

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Digital Wedding Forum Convention 2010

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Matt Osborn came in for his senior portraits today. Now, I have known Matt for a long time now, so doing his senior portraits really reminds how old the “boss” is! Now, aside from the weather not working for us today, everything went great. Matt opened up the camera, & put out some great frames. We knocked out the formal shots, & rescheduled the more candid shots for november.

All shots were captured with the 5d, accompanied with the 85 1.2L II & the 70-200L IS. I do love that combo.

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Enter the Miyagi

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Welp me, Shelly, Hannah, & little Mac worked the studio today. Hannah just bought her canon rebel xti a few weeks back, so i’ve been working with her to get her acquainted with her new baby. To little mac, I’m the “grape man” so to get her in the mood i had to constantly bribe her w/my grapes. Hannah did great! The boss stepped in to help us out also.

Hannah worked w/just the canon kit lens for this shoot.

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lisa & shawns wedding coming soon

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finishing our Bride Lisa.. Online Galleries almost done, DVD Story almost complete, Proofbook has been ordered, & I just put the finishing touches on the Biz cards. Wedding Pictures to be posted soon…. But I loved the front of this card so much i had to post it. Now, Shelly aka “The Boss” nabbed this lovely shot. w/the 5d & 70-200L is. It is amazing!

***update, finally got everything in & shipping everything monday. Just got done with some shots.

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Elle, Jonas, & Loralei

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Well this Friday, we were able to Photograph the Alered’s maternity session! Originally, we planned on shooting at the oceanfront, but in Virginia now, its too humid to think, so we opted for the studio. It was tons of fun!

The funny thing about these maternity sessions for me is the timing. What I mean by the timing, is that with the past two maternity sessions we have scheduled, the baby to be born had other plans. Both times the day of the shoot our moms gave birth! But not this time, Elle was glowing, Jonas looked so proud, & Loralei kicked her way through the shoot.

I used the 5d w/85 1.2L & 24-70L for this session, with our alien-bees studio setup for the lighting. Its been a while since I have broken out all 3 studio lights, w/the wedding season being so busy, so it was great to have full play of the lighting this time around!

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